The Logic Instructor Range

Developed for the everyday challenges of motorcycle instructors

Product Overview

Autocom is the only leading manufacturer to offer a bespoke product to address the specific everyday challenges of motorcycle instructors. Developed at the request of a leading UK motorcycle training school the system is now available for all instructors to enjoy.

This portable system employs dual power technology to ensure communication to the pupil is maintained at all times whether the Instructor is on or off the bike. With our vast experience of bike to bike communications the system works with most radios available on the market.

Logic Features

  • Developed “in the field” for a leading UK training school
  • Bike powered when Instructor on the bike, switching to batteries when off bike
  • Dual power technology ensures communication to pupil is always maintained.
  • Communication initiated by VOX and/or PTT for complete control
  • High quality, robust, waterproof connectors and cables allowing everyday use
  • Compact design so it can be kept in your pocket or tank bag
  • Fully portable system allowing use on multiple bikes
  • Will operate with the vast majority of radio’s on the market
  • Sophisticated noise cancelling electronics provides crystal clear sound quality
  • Integrated Bluetooth module gives wireless phone connection with auto answer

Logic Instructor Kit-1


  • Logic instructor control hub fitted with rechargeable batteries
  • Instructor stereo headset
  • Headset extension lead
  • Bike power lead
  • PTT switch
  • Instruction manual
  • Radio and radio cable are available as optional extras

LOGIC Instructor Kit-2


  • All items in Kit-1
  • Integrated Bluetooth module for wireless phone connection with an auto answer facility

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