The GPS Bike Tracker

With NO Annual Subscription

Product Overview

Our GPS Tracker makes monitoring your prized possession easy, fun and very affordable. The GPS Tracker has no expensive annual contracts and is loaded with security features that include movement and shock sensing, precise location detection and GEO-fence movement restriction.

Operating it is as simple as sending a friend an SMS! Your bike’s location can be viewed on a smart phone. Retrieve the information on demand or automatically stream data over time. The unit continues to monitor even when there is a loss of GPS signal giving total piece of mind. The GPS Tracker is powered by your bike but also has an internal battery backup. Waterproof and dust proof, it won’t let you down regardless of where you travel to!

The GPS Tracker is incredibly simple to install and easy to operate. It uses a SIM card which can be purchased in any high street store. Contact Autocom for more information.

GPS Features

  • No annual subscription required.
  • No installation required, simple to operate.
  • Configurable tracker alarms include:
    • Movement/shock sensor
    • Over speed
    • GPS signal loss warning
    • Switched ignition operating alarm
    • Low tracker battery warning
  • Powered from bike or tracker internal battery
  • GEO-Fence facility restricts movement within designated area.
  • View tracker data on PC or smart phone.
  • Tracking on demand or auto streaming.
  • Provides precise location data via SMS.
  • Restrict data to selected phone numbers.
  • Low sim card credit warning.
  • Tracker continues to operate even without GSM network service.
  • Deep Sleep mode preserves battery life when bike is stored.
  • Dust proof and waterproof to IP66. Small size -89mm x50mm x16mm.

GPS Tracker Kit-1

GPS Kit 1


  • GPS Tracker Unit
  • Charger and Charging Cable
  • Battery x2
  • Spare Tracker Backing Case
  • Water Resistant Sleeve
  • Operation Manual

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