Why Choose Wired?

With many different systems on the market it’s often difficult to make the right choice. Autocom is the only leading manufacturer to offer both wired and Bluetooth systems*. Our advice is completely impartial and revolves around your needs, not the desire to sell one technology over the other. With the explosion of Bluetooth systems it’s easy to assume this automatically is the right choice. Not necessarily, the riding requirements and expectations of the rider and passenger are what determine the right system.

If you make short journeys and wish to connect to one device (music, phone) or passenger, Bluetooth systems are able to cope with such demands. If, however, you wish to connect to multiple devices simultaneously (cell phone, music source, GPS, your passenger and/or bike to bike) wired systems are in a league of their own and the logical choice. These systems allow seamless integration of all devices and instantaneous switching between them, as often as needed. This avoids the frustration and inconvenience of connections being dropped and the annoying time delay when switching from one device to another. If touring is your passion then without question wired is the way to go as these systems are permanently connected to the bike and never need recharging.

A common misconception is that the wired system has lots of wires connecting the devices. The truth is the system sits under the seat (or other suitable space) and a single cable connects to the rider headset and another if using a passenger headset. All other devices can be connected wirelessly using autocom Bluetooth modules.

Autocom have been developing wired systems for 25 years and have mastered the ability to eliminate noise while maximising the true signal. Sophisticated DSP electronics result in 99% of external noise being rejected giving way to awesome audio sound quality for both speech and music. When using autocom wired systems, hearing really is believing!