• Logic & Instructor Systems

    The Logic connects effortlessly to four devices and a passenger, bringing any bike ride to life. Devices include a mobile, mp3, GPS, passenger and Bike-to-Bike.

    Prices from only £225

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  • SPA Systems

    The flagship model designed and destined for bikers who won’t compromise.The SPA transforms every ride into a truly remarkable journey.

    Prices from only £319

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  • New Bluetooth Systems

    With the 'air' the look & integrity of your helmet are never compromised.
    The 'atom' with its Remote Control gives
    a truly hands-free experience.

    Prices from only £159

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  • Our Accessories

    Our extensive range of accessories and spare parts covers everything from heasets to professional radios for current and older Autocom Models.

    Prices from only £5

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